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Our Story

She didn't feel like going out that evening. As for him, he was just going to say a quick "hi" to his classmate who was throwing a little get-together to watch a football game. They noticed each other across the room. He kept glancing at her hoping she wouldn't notice, and had little panic attacks whenever their eyes met. She was too shy to walk over to him and initiate conversation. Luckily they had a friend in common who would eventually break the awkward standoff and introduce them to each other. They talked, and talked, and laughed, and even danced. He walked her to her cab and she stole a kiss from him. They were hooked. And they've been hooked to each other ever since.


Neither of us expected to find love that night, but we did.


 Our six years together have been paved with wonderful experiences. We graduated around the same time, landed our first job, moved into our first apartment, backpacked across Asia, travelled to 12 countries, adopted our first pet (tiger), and now : we're getting married! 

We won't get into too much detail here as you will hear all about it on our wedding day! We look forward to seeing you there.